Back To No Smart Phone Day

This is my second day that I not using my iphone. Actually I want to do this long time ago but it just I don't find any excuse but now I can start it!
During my Miri trip at the wedding dinner I did a very stupid things which is I dare my friend if I put my iphone in the Jar of water he have to finish a can of "Brave Juice". I thought my new casing can prevent the water go into the phone which I'm wrong coz I didn't close nicely where the charging port! My iPhone is wet and shutdown itself that night! I actually thought this time I have an excuse for myself which I can buy an NEW iPHONE  if is rosak ( iphone 5 is call "The New iPhone" same like iPad 3 is call "The New iPad") 
Too bad it alive again just after clean-clean here and dry dry there by Cibui. So this is how I started use back my Nokia E71. I notice that is more easy to call friends searching name in phonebook and more easy to do texting sms than iPhone! Of coz photo, video, social media, facebook, twitter, whatsapp all this I can't doing it at the moment lah only when I back to my room. Now is the third day me live without iphone and I think I can survive with it and now let's see how far I can go!!!!

Vincent & Chew Ming

Oh man..... It was a very tired weekend. Me and hangover until Monday morning until I also lazy to do everything! Until now I still felt that my head is heavy than my body!
How not to hangover my brother.... Me Friday night eat the Korean Food the Genseng Chicken Soup it make me the whole night cannot sleep! Next day have to meeting, change RM, sent car to service, to do this do that. then 12:30pm follow friend's car go down Miri. Reach Miri 4pm first thing is Happy Hour, Wedding dinner start at 7pm(continue happy hour) Dinner finish at 10:30pm then go Celebrities party again until 3am. Then next is 6am have to wake up and get ready to pick up the Bride!!! Then continue rush back to Brunei then night time makan at the groom's house lagi!! 
So tired man... If I'm young young like 20 plus ah sure no problem lah... Now we all the brothers who help him already uncle now how can tahan like last time again! But anywhere I happy also lah can see my old friend finally kahwin. Now our gang still left ONE haven't kahwin lagi and I hope he can find his long life partner soon.... don't wait until we all 40 plus and yet still want us to help him for the Brother-brother thing...sorry lah ha Andrew you have to hire Thai work to help you already!

Actually tire is not on the party or no enough sleep! Is the part of going to the Bride's house and the sisters all waiting there to play the brothers and groom lah! Haiya lucky got me there can play until the sister they all cannot tahan me! I got a Megaphone with me and the whole show is my. I pull the time out door and make all the girls wet wet and sweat sweat!! Makeup all gone....let's see who tahan lah hahaha!!!
I save all the brothers not doing much thing there... not need dance like a monkey, take off cloths, bla bla bla... Girls only like boys to eat or drink the wasabi or unknown foods but this one I can't help them so they have to eat!!
In fact I want to break the Bride's room door and bring back the door to Brunei one.. but lucky the last part just need to read and sign the T&C is ok!!! Lucky... if already read still don't want to let my brother to have is wife I'm guaranty take the door down!!!

 This is the souvenir from the B&G to all the guests

The Brothers!!!!

The Sisters

Me and partner represent the first game!!! Waxing 

This is small case lah!!! No feeling at all!!!

Angpao coming!!!

But not Puas Hati!!!

Complaint why is RM not BND!!! Of coz lah your sister is Orang Malaysia bukan lah Orang Brunei!!! Lucky is not Orang Indon.. if not!!! hahahahah

The S.H.E want more angpao on the second gate!!!!

And Eat This....

You guys easy lah.... just be a driver saja!!!

The Head of Sisters team!!!!

The LOVE's CONTRACT. easy lah... just hire a maid saja!!!

Congratulation to you bro!!!! Ya I can tell you very tired too!!!

Home Style Cook Korean Foods!!! Yummy

Hehehehe.... I didn't go for any Sungkai Buffet tonight but I went to a Korean's  house and ask the chef to cook for us! I had a wonderful and eat full full with my wife and PSW's new friends! All together 5 person makan $100.00 I think is reasonable lah! 
I had heard this place since few months ago but no time to come and try it. Now I can't wait sudah so mush come and try once coz next month they going to open a korean restaurant at Batu Bersurat it will be no more serve it at home like this and also no pork any more. So if you want to try then just hurry to book your table. If you want to makan must booking first, I booked my turn is 3 days ago and you must tell then chef what you want to eat on that day! I order the famous Korea BBQ porh which have to eat together with the vege one!!( see photo below) and it was awesome!!!
We all have to sit on the floor just like original korea style, Nice... just feel like makan at home, talk, laugh, Hehehaha loud loud also can not need to worry got kacau other customer coz we are the only customer!! 
I love his BBQ pork.. it was a bomb in your mouth! Only 5 of use but the food order is like for 7 person makan! We can't finish it all but left like 90% like that... what to do got 3 ladies not a Man vs Food kaki! Only me and PSW both sapu it! Actually is just nice but someone cannot make it. Too bad Eric you miss it!
I going to come back again...mmmm maybe next friday with another gang to try his BBQ pork once again before he open this new restaurant!!!
For booking you can find his contact in my FB fans page!

This is how it look like before we started our dinner! Every one have to sit on the floor!!!

Pork Kimchi Stew. Nice!!!!

Genseng Chicken Soup only $12.00!!!! 

Sotong!!! nice....

I love it!!!! 

This is how you eat it!!! nom nom nom!!!

Everyone is full full!!!! 

Gerai Supa Save

Do you know that Supa Save there also have their own gerai of selling foods? I heard that at Beribi there also have and is big, I'm not sure how big and what's the foods selling there. Today I went to the Madohai branch to try their foods. Not bad bruther..... Macam-macam makanan ada! Nasi, mee, soto, kuih, bubur macam-macam ada!
It look delicious and I don't know what to choose. Last last I bought their Bubur green bean and yam and a one spaghetti. I a bit disappointed of their spaghetti coz the pasta taste like over cook I feel like eating tepong but the Bubur is nice especially the purple color one!!! Is very sweet can make for 2 bowl with adding water!!! 
Eh.... one thing bad if you want to buy here is not enough parking loh. It took me 10 minutes to look for parking there... unless you have someone accompanying you lah!
Next time I want to try the Beribi there one see how!!!

Is Good To See But Not To Have!

This two day if you pass by the Gadong traffic light or make a U turn to Manglait sure you can see this beautiful awesome tree full wit the pinky red flowers! I'm not sure what's the name for this tree but some people call it local Sakura! This local sakura is easily to spotted in Brunei here, Highway, road side, government building sure can see! Early of the month already one time you can see at the middle of airport highway all pink pink red red like that... so beautiful there, some of it is white color flower... Nice very nice...
I know I nice but do you know this is Nice to See but not to have it in or near your house?
True true one... I no tipu you bruther! My house here also have one too.... It just outside my house garden. I can't remember when it started grow here but I think got more than 10 years already!
Why I say is good to see but not to have it? Coz you'll hate it everyday have to sapu the leave and flowers. The tree so nice and big but cannot park under it, reason is not only because the leaf and flower but also the bird's shit!!!! Trust me.... birds like to hang out there. Doesn't matter what time you park when you come back you'll see bird shit on it and is very hard to wash away!!!
Bruther... I rather park my car under the hot sun then under this kind of trees!!!
Don't play play.... listen I say don't grow this tree at your house!!!

This is the tree I have next to my house!

Just one day park under this tree and your car will be look like this!

The flowers looks nice on the tree but it will stick on your car once it fall!!!

Gerai Ramadan@Bandar

If you thinking to buy foods at the bandar's gerai for sungkai I suggest you go Berakas Stadium there must better! Unless you just want to get some kuih or cucur then is fine lah. 
Today I went there to look for nom nom but unfortunately I don't see any special or new makan! Is too common like fried mee, kuih tiao, chicken, sausage, sate..... just the ordinary pasar malam lah!
Burger also not so much choose.... If you come here just plan for jalan-jalan saja then is Ok
Is not that bad lah... still got other thing can see see look look lah like cloths, toys, slipper......
If you'll like me look for nice food here is not a good location to go for!
Last last I buy the Hot and spicy noodle from China which I introduce before at the Bridex Consumer Fair there. That old man still here but this time his noodle is cheaper $1.00 not like at Bridex $5.00. 
If you haven't try it can go for once but make sure you share share half with some one lah... Coz I notice this time I hardly finish it all maybe is because it separated the soup and the noodle in different packing and now the noodle become more!

Namewee New Movie "Hantu Gangster"  

I'm sure many of you already familiar with this Malaysian's singer and actress Namewee right!
Remember the Nasi Lemak 2.0? now nexk month he new movie "Hantu Gangster" is coming soon. I'm not sure Brunei here got play his movie or not but I really hope can watch it here. 
Now let see the teaser first lah!

Winner of SHHCo FB Like & Survey

Congratulation to the winner of SHHCo Facebook Like and Survey. William Nerve win the prize of 4 pieces Michelin Tyres worth for $400.

Stadium And Gadong Gerai Ramadan

Wah.... friends today the Hot really no play play. Just step out from the car and walk in the gerai for 5 minutes I started sweating. I really salute for those people who selling foods there can still tahan! Puasa no makan yet have to tahan hot there!!! I salute salute.
Alright... last year I try the Ka Pow 5.0 here but this year someone had already break my record but is Ok lah it took one year to broke I'm fine with it.
I went the Gadong and Berakas Stadium with Rizan and his wife. This year I see a lot of stall selling Burger I think is because last year the Burger winds and that's why this year many people follow lah!
I notice one thing here.... Not many stall they show the price of what they selling! Do you notice that too? I think is because the seller don't want to let the competitor know how much are their selling the foods. I suggest you ask How Much first before you buy. Like one of the stall selling grill burger his normal beef burger already cost $6.00 each!  Omg.... if but 3 burger which mean can go eat sungkai buffet sudah!
So you better survey survey before just buy buy buy... Not like last time, this one $1.00 that one $1.00 use $10.00 can buy many foods and balik sungkai!
Bah I don't talk so much lah let's see what I buy today at the both gerai.

One of my all time favorite Taty's Cafe burger!!!@Stadium

@ Gadong I try his Hotdog. Nice... worth to try!

This is new!!! Dragon Fruit Lassi no added color. @Stadium  

I like this long long cucur... But I still prefer the one at Sumbangsih there!

Ah.... if you like Nasi Beryani then you must try his beef Nasi Beryani. Is nice bruther!!! $3.00 per pack with beef one dollar for kosong! Must try...@ stadium

I wonder what is this he selling!

Fancy cupcake also got here!!! Stadium gerai