Wah....So Big Man!!!

Today I passing the Excapade Sushi at Kiulap there and I saw this new open shop with the huge signboard!
The first thing in my mouth is Wah.... So big one ah!!! Big until other shop at behind also kana block cannot see already!!! From my picture here you see like ah... nothing lah... but if you on the spot you'll know what I mean!! It's really huge and I never see like this before in Brunei.
Whatever is that lah... I must say this signboard is a successful caught my eyes looking at it and also salute the owner dare to making this big too!!! Steady man....
hehehe I wonder oh.. the shop at behind one are they going to fight back and making 1 feet bigger than it just to let people can see back their signboard or not... Then you can see the Lingerie shop's signboard sambong until next building there!!! LOL