Tigerlim News At 12 Mid-Night

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls..... welcome to my Tigerlim New At Twelve Mid-Night. Don't play play..... today I have a special report to all of you is that the Beach Bunch yesterday morning was interview by the RTB Rampai Pagi. Me and the Beach Bunch's President 2 fellow go RTB.... of coz me just follow only and see see look look the place... This is my first time I visit RTB. 
Siok siok.... the place very good... lucky I got follow go see if not really saying the chance!!! Of coz lah... this is maybe the only one opportunity I have in my life can see how they do and is 100% LIVE on air!!!
The best part is I have the chance to sit on where they do the News At 10 and I acting a host giving a news report!!!! heheheh. It was fun to visit the place..... mmmmm maybe next time I can join the "Bintang Kecil" singing contest and be their host!!!! hahahaha oh oh oh.... if got "Kap-Kap Udang" also not bad too!!! LOL

The Beach Bunch's President Rizan Latif tell the Rampai Pagi about Beach Bucnh's next event together with the Brunei Fisheries Department on the next Monday at Meragang Beach.

I wonder what are the number for!!!

Don't play play... is Auto Pilot , Not need camera man!!!!

Here are their secret hand sign e.g. Talk louder....slowly a bit.... talk some more, talk some more!!!!

Here are all the lights...

This camera are special for reading news one!!! Now you know already right!!!