Smoker Nightmare

This is the first thing I read on the front page of BB. Looks like for all the smoker you all having a hard time now!!! Not only no place to smoke buy cigi also got problem. Now not like last time any Mini Mart also can buy now you want to buy also don't know where have! Recently one of my friend who work at Gadong area he told me 1km away from school me not way can see shop got sell cigi, the only place can buy is at the department store at center point there!

I think is better quit smoking sudah lah...why have to susah susah there??? Right? Otherwise every time you go out make sure you bring a measuring tape in your pocket just like Phua Chu Kang. So every time when you want to smoke take out the tape and measuring you are 6 meter away from the building. 
How far is 6 meter?? I checked already is about 19.8 feet. If you still not sure how far is it 19.8 feet again then you just walk 10 walking step saja lah!!! But be careful oh don't smoke in the middle of the road later car hit you I don't know oh!!! heheheh...

But is true one lah... smoking is nothing good. The only good thing about smoking is talk to the stranger who smoking too. You don't believe me?? Next time you try to talk to a totally strange person and asking him/her : Do you have a lighter? Can you borrow me?(oh my english). Not need to think one... sure tarus borrow for you. So do you see that? Smoking is only good for Social! 10 times better the FB, Twitter or Instagram all this Social Media!

10 walking step is already about 6 meters!!!