My Practical Joke


Yesterday when I went to picked up my wife I saw one of my friend's car parked at Empire. I think his car got more then a year didn't wash already, the paint is like almost cover by a layer inch of stain. White color also look like yellow sudah!!! So I decide to give him a surprise then I use my car care set to give his car a beauty treatment!!! I spend about 5 minutes to compound, pre-wax and waxing his old skoll Toyota Crown's but I only do one quarter of the bonnet saja.. Now the car at least got 5% is looking Shinning and bling bling like new!!! LoL... the rest of the 95% please do it yourself or else send to the car polish center to do the rest!!! Or if you don't mind you can just continue to drive go around without do anything about it... but sure people will look at your car why one side is kilat only...hahahaha!!!!

My wife say this thing I do just same as some cosmetic promoter when they try to promotes their produce at the road show.. they show you and make up your face only half side saja... then if you don't want to buy also malu coz you'll walk away with your face half side make so last last no choice those lady also have to buy a little.. and then the make up artist continue to make up your another half face!!!!
Isn't that is a good idea?? Next time I also want to use this matter for making business! Open a barber shop cut people's hairs half side saja.... if he want to continue please come in to my shop and do the rest.. if he don't want just go away lah!!! Can do like that kan???? Do idea right???

this is the After!!! 
Melvin... I know you hate me tonight!!! hahahah