My Daughter's Pet

Wow..... me didn't see this Rhino Beetle for long time already! During my childhood time still can find them near my house jungle there. Or some time we go into the jungle look for the rubber seed if luck also can see them. Now around my area here are hardly to find their shadow. I think Seria, Panaga that side still easily to find kali, I don't know lah I just guess only... 
During my childhood we like to watch Japanese cartoon... This kind of beetles always can see the kids like them as the pet especially in the summer they always like to go catch this beetle can fight see who's beetle are the stronger one!! Of coz in Brunei here during this game is not popular that is why Rhino beetle has no market as like in Japan. In Japan this beetle is call "Kabutomushi". Some time it can sale up to a thousand US dollars! Don't play play ah... japanese really gila about this beetle!
That's is why I was influenced by the Japanese cartoon from young every time I see this I sure take them home! 
Yesterday I came back form Kuala Lurah and I found this at the border when I "Stamp" my passport (oh my english). Without thinking I tarus take home and give to my daughter as a pet. 
The reason is because I want to teach my daughter not to takut insects. She not dare to touch the beetle already and she name this Rhino Beetle as "Ant". 
mmmm.... maybe next time I get her a Grasshopper also not bad yah!!! hehehehe
FYI to keep this Rhino Beetle as a pet it wasn't that hard.. In fact is 10 time easy than keeping a cat or dog! I just keep them in a container put some soil, wood and feed with apple, cucumber, grape already can!!! Keep in a room temperature thats it!!!