Makan Makan Makan Again...I Fat Lah!!!

 Today after I send my wife to work the moment I reach home haven't sit down yet and I heard my mother said " Oi... you father want to eat the Ngiu Chap Soup"
hehehe look like my father also cannot tahan of what I had try yesterday! So I bring my parents when to makan breakfast there lah! As usual lah new shop always full house one but lucky we have a small table when we arrived there. About the foods I don't think I need to talk about it again lah right but one thing is different is I saw couple of muslim friends also came to makan their Soup Tulang today!!
The other thing different from yesterday is after I pay my bill and few conversation with the owner then I had invited to try their new up coming dishes. Is not selling yet coz is still under construction hehehe..... I'm don't know what is this call but is like a Soya Sauce Chicken Kolomee. Nice but not enough Green! I told the owner put some Bean Sprout  it may taste better! Omg I'm really full with my breakfast today.. finish makan with my mom and dad, continue to try out their new food again.. died lah me sure going to gain weight again! The owner told me to come back again at the afternoon try their another dishes "Beef Rice" wah... I say sorry I pass this time!!! maybe next time I run for 21km then I come back and try again!!!