Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap In Brunei!!!

OMG...... how to lose weight like that everyday food review, food testing, food coverage!!!! Go Fitness Zone one day and continue eat 3 days!!! Die lah like that me... excise also not use there! I really don't know how to do now... should I lose weight or introduce you guys where got new place to eat again in Brunei!!!
Now there is a new restaurant just opened one week ago and this time is something different like other local new open restaurant type. This time is a famous restaurant from Kota Kinabalu and the Astro food channel "Axian" he also even introduce this food in his show!!! Ask you can see if is not nice they won't talk about it in the show! Now.... we not need to fly or drive to KK, in Brunei we also can eat here!!! 
Isn't that awesome????   

Alright... let's make it short, Mr. Yong the founder of this "Kah Hoing Ngiu Chap" from KK with a Brunei local business lady open his first oversea brunch in Brunei here. The restaurant name is call Restoran Tamu Semerbak sdn bhd, located at Gadong, Complex Hj Daud, no 21, same simpang with the Seng Hoe Huat (car accessories shop) and C.A Mohammed restaurant there!!! 
I'm sure is easy to find the restaurant but not easy to look for a car park lah.... In the morning maybe is easy to park but afternoon better park at Hua Ho there and walk over lah!!!

So what are the foods are good there?
As I mention before in my blog I'm not a soup lover especially is a hot soup! And 90% the foods here are come with soup! I honestly tell you the soup is nice.... can have a try bruther! If you are a Soup Tulang lover you might like it but remember.... this is KK Chinese style soup tulang not like our local type soup tulang! It come more clear and not oily and the taste also not like local soup tulang got herb smell in the of coz their taste also come different way!
FYI their soup are 24 hours none stop heating one..... at that's is why the soup is 100% beef taste, never wait until finish then they cook again! Is refill the beef and boil and boil and boil.... They using local supplier halah beef, ingredients, noodle, etc, No serving Pork, Lamb, Chicken or Seafood! Minced chicken and fish ball only for the kolomee saja! Oh ya... and also no fried mee or fried kueh teow!
 If you want to try remember this..... It close at night due to no enough Man Power to help!!!! Some say they closed at 3pm so better come at the morning or lunch!!!

Here are the food me and Pondok Sari Wangi's boss we both try!!!
I suggest you try the Ngiu Chap Soup or Soup Tulang. 

The center one is the one lah!!!!

Don't play play ah.... true true got Axian's face there one ah!!!

Mr Yong and Axian. When I almost want to leave the time ngam-ngam Mr.Yong arrived from KK and came to the restaurant to supervise the soup!!!

Here are the menu.... price also Ok lah..coz not everyday makan, long long eat one time ok no problem lah!

Does this make you mouth water dripping?

Beware of this!! It burn your lips, mouth and tongue

This are the core and 24 hours none stop heating!