Is Darth Vader's spaceship or Batmobile?

Is not the Batmobile or Darth Vader spaceship. Is called Cobalt-7 a super save fuel custom car make my the students and teacher from Pusat Latihan Mekanik. They are going to use it for the 2012 Shell Eco-Marathon at Sepang F1 racetrack on 4th July. I was surprise that this car are make from any recycle item. The wheels is from bicycle, steering from a broken chair, chassis engine all mix and match!! 
I really salute their work here and everything is green. 

Shell Eco-Marathon is an event which challenges students from around the world to use their knowledge of science and engineering to design, build, test and drive fuel efficient vehicle. Winners of the competition were judged based on the furthest distance travelled with just 1 litre of fuel.
The competition started back in 1939 when two Shell research scientists made a friendly wager on who could travel the furthest distance on the same amount of fuel. Since then, the competition has evolved into a global event at America, Europe and Asia inspiring young engineers to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency.
The competition is split into 2 categories, Prototype categories which focus on streamline, lightweight and maximum efficiency with driver comfort takes a seat back. The urban concept encourages a more practical design resembling a real car.
Only teams that have met the stringiest requirement of safety and technical requirement are allowed to compete. Teams that have failed to meet the requirement will not be allowed on track

Last year their car C7 can travel from Bandar to KB in 1 liter of of fuel saja... wah don't play play man.. only 53cent can go sampai KB already that is really awesome. And I heard from them this year their Cobalt-7 are 5 times better than last year!
Steady right.... Don't play play man we Brunei also got hidden Avenger here!!!
Hope they can have a very good nice result from the KL Sepang!!! Go Go Go Brunei!!!

They are the men behind this car!!! 

The Driver - Lester Xiang!! handsome boy

You won't believe this steering is made by a broken chair kaki!!!! 

Here are the engine compartment. as you can see the engine also rojak one.
Do you see the pipe from washing machine and mineral water bottle as their airflow and use Gauze as the air filter? Awesome! Don't play play ah.... Can you believe that this engine like that can drive to KB and come back less than a liter of fuel?

strategy and tuning  is very important   

Team having a discussion about where to eat later....LOL (just kidding) 

Here are the Avenger's name!!!!

Alright.... enough for the test drive and tuning. Is time to pack it and send to Sepang!!!