I Try Fish & Co Last Night

Alright.... finally I decide to go have a try their foods with my wife last night at Cities Square. Before I try I already heard a lot of their bad comments about this place but I don't care I still want to find out and have a try!
I found not so bad with this restaurant lah actually...but maybe is because some people are expected too high already kali!!! The place is nice... decor not bad, good staff with service, foods comes slow already mention in the menu some takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook. So what else you want to complain? unless you talk about the price lah... Is true the prices is not cheap here and I compare with the Perth famous Kailis's Fish and Chips of coz cannot lawan lah... is true Kailis is more expensive just few dollars saja but everything is fresh and worth and BIG again. (click here to see Kailis)

I know many people here read this post just want to know good or not this place doesn't care I write long or short. But I only want to say is "No Money No Go, Got Money Then You Can Go"
Foods is Ok... nothing wrong but just the prices is not local style lah!!! If this place is opened at next to the Port, parking Yacht, or Beaches then I say is perfect lah. Got sea view with seafood wow... that is perfect lah!! 
Conclusion: Can eat but not Everyday type, I like it but not all people. Salary low low, Karit person, Not a fish&chips lover you might not like this place. The rest maybe you are T.O.T bye-bye person lah.. TOT=Try One Time.

Not bad.... not bad....

Kola Tonic and Passion Fruit!!! Very nice.. I love it

Our Dinner!!! I like the idea serve on a Pan but not convenient to eat with the fork and knife. make me want to use hands.

Don't forget to ask for the sour cream and the tomato ketchup. Perfect match with the French fries.

If you don't know what to eat I suggest you spend some time and slowly read their menu from head to toes... otherwise you miss some good deal!

Only me and my wife eat saja..... So if you not ready for this so think of other place to eat!!!

Kids Menu, Don't worry.... Is $6.00 each not $600 each!!!

At first I want to try this Seafood Feast for both of us but my wife no necessary and is too expensive for 2 people makan... last last the bill come out.. sama saja lah!!!  

Jaws on top of me!!! Help.....