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You know right... Me got good food must share with you all here and this Chinese Herbs Steam Chicken I cannot no share with you all here, if I no share I jalan sure mask longing one! Honestly I love it and is really delicious, if compare with the other Chinese restaurant I think her cook can challenge them or open a restaurant already!
I was really surprise she can cook this dishes that well! Last year she just let me try her Bao (chinese bun) and it was Ok Ok can eat that type but cannot for sale one! But this time I really salute her and she had improve her cook very much.. I think maybe is because she had turn to a lovely wife and mother that's why cooking also good now!
Alright.. the story is like this... One of my friend she WhatsApp me and told me that she have cook Chinese Herbs Chicken for sell only for B$30.00. If I want can order from her then she forward me a picture... Once I look at the picture me no second thought I straight away reply her " Ok.. One for me for tonight my dinner" 
Don't play play ah friends...This chicken she need 4 hours to steam it. By 7pm she send it to my house! 
The chicken really awesome, meat are soft.... just use chopstick already can dismantle the whole chicken down! Soup is just perfect salty and the herbs smell was nice, not too strong type even my daughter she also eat it! 100% no Ajinomoto some more so is safe bruther! Can feed 4 to 5 person so for a small family shouldn't have problem lah.. Buy one home treat my father and mother... $30.00 worth it lah
This dish normally we had during chinese people's wedding in the restaurant but if you think want to add a additional sayur for tonight dinner.. go give it a try!!! Contact her,Whatapps or sms also can lah. P.H Lim
8777558 only available for Brunei/Muara area at the moment. Pickup or delivery depends on what area!!!