Do You Suka Him?

I tell you honestly, none of my family member like to watch him cooking... even the maid also feel he very annoying. He might a good chef but not a tv host lah!! 
I feel that he over talk and action than really pay attention of his cooking!!! Be look like a Hip-Hop chef but look like a Hippo chef, Wanna look like Gangster Chef also doesn't look like.... 
I don't know what lah.. just feel not soik when every time see him in the AFC (astro703). Every time I saw his show on AFC.... not need to think another 0.1sec I straight away change the channel!
I tot only me like this don't like to watch his show... lupanya many of my friends also have the same feel of him too!!! So do you see that? not only me don't like him... so is not my problem... Oi Astro can you take away this program in AFC ka?????