Deep Fried Tiger Paw

Maybe I say I don't like the Bruce Lim's cooking show and thats why I get this lah!!!
It is a painful day I got yesterday morning! I suppose want to give a try the beef noodle at Gadong one at the afternoon but too bad in the morning when I want to cook fried kueh tioa I accidently deep fried my hand! Is a long story how I kana burn lah..... Once I kana the hot oil in a flash second I rush to wash away the oil on my hand for 5 seconds then I flash run again to get all in the Ice cube and freeze my hand!!!
I tell you what.... if next time you also got burn like my or kana hot water, just rush to get as many ice as possible then put on it... if is legs or arm us cloth with the ice to cover it! Don't go use Aleo Vera, Vinegar or any ubat 1st!!! Just use the ice to cold down the skin temperature first for above 5 minutes above... then check again see how bad is that... then slowly repeat few time until you really don't feel the Burn pain... but of coz the Cold pain is still there lah.. then use a dry cloth to dry it up. Then baru you put cream or ubat lah. The reason why I use ice to cold my hand is because this is the best way to let you skin got No Water Pox!!! And it recover back faster then you just put ubat. If you just use ubat sure got water pox come out one and it take few week to recover one!!!
I been trying this matter for many times already... You know who teach me this? Is the Indian restaurant a uncle who everyday make tea and coffee he teach me!
You know lah.. they everyday make tea tarik, kopi "o" in one year don't know how many times kana burn by the hot water sudah.. so this is their technic to do... It really works!!!

After 2 day the skin will turn dark and dry then slowly the skin will grow new skin again! Remember this is only work on the spot once you kana burn.. do not wait for another minutes Ok!! Must tarus use ice to cold it!!! Try it is really work!!! But of coz if you kana fire burn or deep fried for 10 second one.. please rush to the Hospital not to your freezer or ice box!!!!!

This is how my hand after I use ice... it pain but not burn, only red a bit!!!

A bit fat with my fingers... but lucky no water pox!

At night it started turn more red and darker with the skin.....