Day 2 @ Bridex Consumer Fair

Hehehe.... day one I didn't get to buy anything coz in the rush but today I got  of time to slowly jalan-jalan here. I spent 3 hours plus there, makan, cuci mata, shopping and chit chat with some friends there. 
Actually I also wait for one of my friend come here and buy the car cam together coz buy more got more discount mah...hehehe, Yeah I got a Full HD car cam so next time I can show you more clear and shape with my car video! The old one I just put behind the car record the back saja lah! 
The car cam really good and I really like it you guys should get one too! I check already the price at the fair, the taiwan guy is the cheapest on the fair and more chooses too!
Look this is what I buy during the fair!

Pen Drive from Concepts Computer!!! Good Buy, Best Buy, Must Buy!!! 

I try out this chinese muslim from China! Nice and you should try!!!  

A bit spicy and hot noodle. Suggest you eat there don't tapao home! Coz tapao already not so nice! The soup all suck by the noodle!

Me and her buy the same car cam!!! I tell you their price is worth it!!! The cam is Full HD, Free 8GB memory card, Can use at bike and bicycle even and clip on your pocket too!!

$5.00 and I got the bag above 5 different type of cookies and snack! Worth! 

Try it... 

Congrats to the winners!

I might have the chance to win this....heheheh

And this too...hahahahahha