The Daddy Play With Daughter's Toys

Wah..... every time see people do look like very easy there but once you try yourself then baru tau susah!!!
I never try taking photo using soft box and this is my first time then I already found is not a easy job!!
Lighting, posting, position, angle, macam-macam there... hard man!! Just a simple photo also too me 10 minutes to do so!!!Photography this thing I still have a long way to learn! 
Today I try to play with my daughter's toys use them as my models. Put them inside a white cube soft box and use two custom make lamp to bright them up!
 I'm not so satisfied with my try today. The picture came out wasn't what I want. Feel like something is missing or the maybe the matter I use was wrong!
I want to try again use another lamp put on top and see how. I think taking sunset lagi easy then taking photo inside a studio!!!