Consumer Fair 2012 @ Bridex

Wah.... lucky I didn't come here in the morning lupanya is only for vip..... wah nasib I take my nap 1st then I come at the afternoon. So this year the Consumer Fair 2012 finally kickoff today at the Bridex. This year I found that a bit different than last time. This year I see got use car sale there, more lucky draw, prize and booth from oversea.  
I see there is few local booth really throwing price... yeah this is what we customer like to see there!!
Concepts Computer is one of the booth you should come, I'm a Mac kaki I also cannot say no buy some of their stuff! I can't believe of what I see the price with their pen drive, $5.00 with a 4GB... wow that is really awesome man!!! I need some of this for spare coz many times people borrow my pen drive or I pass them some photos at the end the Pen Drive is just like that GONE!!!  So this $5.00 is what I exactly what I looking for! Lost or not return back also never mind lah.. take it as my souvenirs lah!
The other one I must highlight is their laptop, there is few selected model laptop you can use your old or rosak laptop just trade in and get a awesome prices! Hello bruther $388.00 with a 10 inch screen,320 gb hard disk, 2gb ddr3 rams.. this is better than my old Asus M5 5 times which I bought it for 2k back to 6 years ago!
More to come... 500Gb HDD $88 this is another stuff I must get one too!!! Too bad today my time got a bit rush coz I bring my mother and sister in law here to see see look look, by 5pm they both have to go home and cook. So tomorrow I'm going to come here again!!
This Consumer Fair is end by the 1st of July, so you better don't miss it oh!!!
Dude... park you car at the Pusing Lagi and use the bus come here... Better than you park in here and still have to walk far far again! Use the bus is faster than you look for a parking some more!!

You see or not the price? Don't use also never mind, keep at your drawer one day got use one!!!!

I just want the 500GB HDD!! Who want the printer? Bah come share share with me, you buy printer I buy hard disk.

Thailand corner this side!!!

This is good for kids to train their brain!!!

My new taiwan friends say Brunei's Tv price is super cheap lah! Buy one put in toilet also happy ah!!!

I know someone has looking for this long time already! 

You got come here, you got chance to win this prize!!!

Buy redbull, fill up form, win the car!!!!

I love this Taiwan booth here.... I'm thinking to change my old car camara. This one here got HD, GPS, Double cam with touch screen only $300.00!!! I want.... I want!!!

This mini studio is cool... but the price can buy 2 Nikon D800 body!!!