The Cheapest In Town... Only 90 Cents

Is unbelievable....... 90 cents per piece crispy fried chicken....Are you kidding me???? Where can you find such a awesome price nowadays??? At first I also don't believe when I saw someone share A.Ayam advert in the Facebook. Then I go deep deep look and is really REAL!!! The A.Ayam now they having a promotion for their fried chicken.... only for limited time, if I'm not wrong is until 10th June!!! 
This is an good time when you have a small party and need tapau for some foods!!! Last time when I go Kuala Lurah for happy hour I like to tapau their chicken or burger and eat in the traffic jam!! People who are next to my car you can see their face how desperate they can have a bite too..heheheh

Bruther this is really worth lah... 90 cents per piece, 11 pieces only less than $10.00!!! Not only cheap but also delicious too!!! I'm not kidding A.Ayam got several delicious food you can find there, One of my cinta is their BBQ chicken burger. I order one for my wife and she finish all and not giving me a bite! The reason I like the BBQ chicken burger is they use one big boneless drum stick too grill!!! Is juicy, yummy and cheap!!!
Too bad is I have to drive until Benkurong, is they have another outlet near my kampong will be more better!!!

Don't miss it Bruther!!! Only until 10th of June!!!

I try their new Mashed Potato only $1.20. Not bad.. I like it!!! 

This Cheese Fries really don't play play oh!!! Me and my wife like it.... I don't know what is the dot dot dot dot things on it, my wife say is some kind of herbs!!! Is really match the cheese and fries!!!

This is my favorite A.Ayam BBQ burger!!!! 

Give you a small tips.... this black pepper sauce is not in the menu, you have to ask for it!!! Is super nice to eat with the burger, chicken and fries!!!!

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