All In One "World Ocean Day 2012"

Ai yo... I don't know how to write this post ah today... my head now pain pain because the whole day was on the beach, weather so hot, sweating like a hippo, under the sun lagi go here go there taking picture... whatever is that at the end of the day the event was successful and we all enjoy it!

Why I say all in one World Ocean Day?
Yesterday is the Beach Bunch's Annual Event + Launching Beach Bunch's Car + Fisheries Department official launch their new Biodiversity Marine Center + New Book launch + Turtle Balik Kampong + macam-macam+macam+macam lah all in one the World Ocean Day held in Beragang Beach!!!
Awesome right!!! 
Macam-macam activity we had there yesterday... today if you go there also not bad lah coz you still can go inside the center a see see look look there! hey not bad you know inside got fishes, lobster... even the at outside back there also got small little turtle can see(no touch later die)
Bring your kids there really not bad yo!!

MIPR Minister YB Pehin Dato Hj Yahya giving a bless for the Beach Bunch Car

Trash Art Contest!!!

This is my best photo of the day!!!

The top ten Beach Bunch's Beach Photo Contest!!!

Nice right inside the building!!!

Soon you guys also balik kampong too!!!

Bye bye turtle!!