Zoom And Enlarge

Today I have this question suddenly pop put from my head. Zoom and Enlarge!!!
What is Zoom and Enlarge?
Look the answer I found in my dictionary
zoom |zoōm|verb [ intrans. ](of a camera) change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa the camera zoomed in for a close-up of his face zoom out for a wide view of the garden again.• [ trans. cause (a lens or camerato do this.
enlarge |enˈlärj|verbmake or become bigger or more extensive [ trans. recently my son enlargedour garden pond [ intrans. lymph nodes enlarge and become hard [as adj. ]( enlarged) an enlarged spleen.• [ trans. (often be enlarged) develop a bigger print of (a photograph).
Ok fine now I understand between Zoom and Enlarge but I don't understand that our iPhone camera is Zoom function or is Enlarge!!! 
Can you tell me is Zoom in look closer the image or is Enlarge the image look closer???
Look that the picture I took above. iPhone itself say this is zoom function but no matter what I see is Enlarge the image of the plants!!!

Omg..... what is wrong with me, eat full full got nothing to do and came to think all this nonsense!!!