You Dare To Sit His Bus???

When I watching this video in FB from start I Wah........ Wah.... Wah......until it end. If I'm siting inside his bus I think the thing I want to jump out from the bus before it accident!!!
Text sms, Eyes not looking on the road, hands not on the steering, open door 3 times to Gaaaawww Pui!!!!
He is one of the purple bus driver.... and this video also very famous in FB, same same as the bully video too. They both now are hot in FB sudah!!!

From this two video I see something, Your friends who had camera on their hand one day also become the one who kick you fall to the hole just like what Spartan did!!! So if you want to do some stupid things make sure you see your friends didn't have a mobile phone on their hands oh.... If not jialat gao-gao tu!!
Video watch here.
Pui.... one time!!!

Adjust and make sure the hair look good.

Pui again....

Cuci both eyes in the same time!!!
And then Pui again....