What?????? You Still Have It???

Omg...... Can't believe that my friend still have this t-shirt yet still can wear and the color 80% like new! If you are underage or 15 years old I don't think you know what I'm talking about here!!! Look my friend's t-shirt that he wearing.... Is Superfly's t-shirt!!! This shirt minimum got 15 years already bruther.... Don't play play ah!!! How many of you people closet still have a shirt 15 years ago one, still wearing and no koyak???

FYI Superfly is a video game arcade during the mid 90's. I still remember everyday after lunch I always play the fishing game there with my friends it just next to the Bobby Electric at Gadong!
Of coz Superfly is not the only place we play video arcade lah.... During that time got HBI, Jerudong Park, Center Point and Yaohan top floor also have!!! Now I think back we one day minimum have to spend $10.00 to play the gama especially the Rally game. But after Jerudong Park also have there we every night go there and play. finish already and go back to q again.... repeat and repeat until the park close. LOL

I kinda salute my friend how can he keep the shirt for that long!!! I counted this shirt got 18 years already!! my god can keep in the museum sudah lah!!!