What If Is Not LEE ???

I just discover one thing, if Bruce Lee last name is not Lee he will not be famous until now! You don't believe??? Bah you see which one is sound good? Bruce Tan, Bruce Wong, Bruce Ang, Bruce Hii, Bruce Chen, Bruce Shim, Bruce Bong, Bruce Pang, Bruce Lai, Bruce Loi, Bruce Tay, Bruce Ko, Bruce Lau, Bruce Ho, Bruce Ting, Bruce Pui........ Do you see that??? Over hundred of chinese's surname none if it are suit Bruce except the Lee. Sound awesome right??? But bad thing is now all the Lee family people in the world don't dare to name their boy as Bruce. Once they grow up and tell people his name... Hi nice to meet you, my name is Bruce Lee....., What??? Bruce Lee??? Yea... I'm your father Luke Skywalker!!!
So once a person famous already and you having a same surname that's mean your family member lost an option to name their next generation....