This Thing Burn My Anus

I no tipu you one.. if you like to eat spicy try to add this. This chili powder mix together with sugar really nice especially with Kolo Mee or any noodles. Yesterday me eat Kolo Mee and putting this bag of Suger and Chili nice with my mouth but suffering with my anus. 
Teach you are trick here some more. If you like to eat Sushi, Sashimi and always complain the Wasabi not KICK enough then you should try this!!!
Mix one tea spoon of Sugar in your Wasabi I guaranty the kick sure kick you nose up to your brain and return back to your eyes, ears and nose!!! If you can tahan your tears not falling then you steady!!!
 I also don't know why sugar mix with wasabi it turn more spicy... if you want to kacau your friends this is also a very good prank! 
Better you bring those sugar pack that giving free in the coffee shop, easy to bring and not need to ask the japanese restaurant to give you sugar!!!
Burther... try it and I'm sure you knock your head to the wall one!!!!