Tangkap Burung

Look.. today got 2 bird lover came to my kampong area to catch birds. Of coz they didn't get any bird but their bird trap caught my attention. It is really unique and I never see like that before. I took some picture and share with you guys.

Look the bird trap above. They have two birds in different cage. One is male and one is female. They use this 2 birds to attracted the other bird to come. Once the bird fly and land at the 4 wood stick will trigger the trap just like a hand fan tangkap the bird.
I'm not sure catch bird in Brunei is it illegal or not but I know in Singapore are not allow one lah!
My house here every morning and evening have a lot this kind of bird but until know still don't know what is their name. 
I see in Brunei many people now like to keep this kind of bird at home to listen them singing everyday.
Last time I also think to keep one of this bird but my mother say kasian also they cannot fly and always in the cage which is true also lah. I don't mind they tangkap some but of coz don't tangkap all lah coz I also want every morning hear the birds singing in my garden too!!