Mr.Baker's Bakeshop And Fitness Zone High Five

Don't play play ah......... Wu Chun also say Mr. Baker's roti also nice ah. So now in his gym Fitness Zone also want to have Mr. Baker's roti place there to sell for his gym's customers!!!
Now only available at the Surusop branch Fitness Zone. So if you are the members there them you are lucky lah!!! 
Oh ya... Me also Lucky..... Wu Chun complain my belly too big and advise don't eat too much. He give me complementary free 3 months to workout in Fitness Zone but the T&C is must lose 10 kg weight!!! 
So next Monday I have to start to workout and set my goal!!!!

Wu Chun and Eric interview by the medias 

Hehehe.... I gonna buy some sport wear for this!!!!