Alright Enough ~ No More Chasing Video Any More And Back To Your WORK NOW!!!! Hahahaha

This happen after me and my friends we finish the beach clean up and enjoy the magnificence sunset at Tungku Beach. On our way back to the main road suddenly a woman run and cry toward to my friend's car and ask for help! At first I thought she saw a ghost unfortunately she was almost been rape by a man in his van!!! I went to chase the man and just to make sure his car registration number. Then after that we all sending that woman to Sengkurong Police station to make a report!!!
Dude.... I understand that I shouldn't let the fcuker run away but I believe there is a JUSTICE stand on that woman side! 
This time that man pick a wrong place to project sudah lah!!!! 
And lucky the lady can run away and ngam-ngam we passing by.... if not kana tangkap balik in the car.... mmmm die lah!!!! This is what we call "Cry No Tears"

To all the women.... Please don't simply trust or listen a stranger's sweet talk Ok!!! You have to know how to protect yourself too!!! 
And people.... sometime don't just stand there see see look look.... if you see some thing wrong or not right... maybe you are right on time to save a life!!!