I Learn How To Clean Aircon

Last 2 months I learn how to do car polishing and it took me 3 cars with 28 hours work to understand how to make a perfect crystal shinning kilat. And today I try to learn how to clean my room split unit aircon!!!
The reason why I want to clean it is because last few days out Brunei weather are so hot.... hot sampai night time also can feel that is still warm! Today I cannot tahan already coz my ac don't know why the wind not strong as before, then I open and see inside and take a look baru I notice the kipas was dirty worse than my house longkang!!! Really look disgusting inside there!!!
So I slowing discover how to open the whole unit. Then I notice that it wasn't that hard and complicate....
Take out the filter, open 3 screw at bottom, take out the cover, take out the swing motor, slowly take out the water tray and that it... done!!!
Wash all the cover, tray, filter and dry it!! The only thing I can't open is the kipas!!! So I just use vacuum to clean it saja and now my 2 split unit aircon no licking, wind strong strong and super cold plus silence!

Hehehe... now I know how to do it sudah.... of coz if no gas or general rosak that one I don't know how lah!!! After I saw inside the kipas now I think I have to check it every 2 or 3 months sudah!! 
Don't know how many dust my baby they both suck into they lungs already!! mmmm must clean clean all the time don't just look outside is clean then thinking inside also too!!!

Look at it!!! So disgusting right!!! It block the wind flow out and that's why the wind not strong lah!!!  Maybe your home one also like that too!!!