GHK Launch All New Chevrolet Spark

See... I told you is nice right... Not only the car nice and also the price also nice too!!! Only $13k plus to $15k plus!!!! It come with eight different colors, I myself beside the green color I think I like the coconut Champaign Metallic. 
One thing I really like about this car is the engine, 1.0cc 4 cyclinder in-line DOHC 16 valve with timing chain and is a save fuel engine car some more!!! 100km/4.8 litres which mean that Brunei to KB eat one kolomee and come back to Bandar only spend less than 8 dollars saja included the kolomee!!! Awesome right!!!
Too bad I already got a 7 seater car last year if not I think I'll get one too!!! Use for shopping or every beach clean up also not bad!!!