Four District Famous Food's Winner

Do you still remember this post I did last week? Total there is 145 people vote for their Brunei's famous foods. Surprisingly the winner is the Tutong's Panggang!!! At first I'll though the Seria's Kolomee or the KB's Rojak will be the winner one. 
Anyway.... Congratulation to the Tutong Kueh Panggang you are the best food of all the 4 district in Brunei in year 2012..hahahah Next year let do this one more time!!!

So what do you say, Do you agree?
Temburong - Cendol, 
Brunei-Muara - Nasi Katok,
 Tutong - Kuih Panggang, 
Seria - Kolomee,
 Kuala Belait - Rojak.
Now let's vote your answer on the left!!!