Danger Spot!!!

This plants really good looking here to beautified the landscape and the town but one thing bad about it is blocking the road user to see the cars coming from the right hand side. Last time don't have this problem but the plants now getting higher and higher we want to out the simpang also getting harder and harder!!!!
This is located at the cross junction Jalan Sekolah there. If you want to turn left to the St.Andrew's School better watch out!!! My Chevrolet Orlando already consider high car already sit inside there also cannot see the coming car from the right!!! I have to driver out until my car head out of the junction then can see... Apa lagi for those saloon cars.... no way you can see the coming car!!!
Guys.... be careful if you passing this area Ok!!! Not only you came out from the junction have to be careful, car form the STPRI also better be careful especially the traffic light turn yellow people used to drive faster!!!!

Look!!! I have drive until my car head out of the junction then can see the coming car!!! 

Look...... you tell me how the driver can see me coming!!!!