Chevrolet Spark Finally Touch Down At Brunei

Yes..... It just arrived few days ago and is really nice especially with the Green Cocktail Metallic color and the car lampong. I love the car lampong design it looks really cool, almost the same length with the car bonnet!!!
Me and some media are so lucky can see the car early of coz just sit sit and look look the car saja... no chance to test drive it!!!  
 There is also some other thing of the way they design the car really impress me not just only the lampong.
First is the engine, 1.0cc with dual overhead cam+4 cylinder+16v and is timing chain some more and is really save fuel some more!!!
If you are a youngster looking for a new car I really suggest you choose this one... cheap, compact, easy looking for parking, and also cool looking with the car!!! unless you are a anak orang kaya lah father buy you sport car or luxury car then of coz this is not your choice!!!

If you want to see this car real real one please come to Chevrolet's showroom at Sumbangsih or Kuala Belait showroom on 18th May 9:30am. It has a Special Preview there.... What I mean special preview is really special with those car!!!! It is not what you see as the photo I post it here... Yesterday I curi curi ga and see how it look already and is really really awesome with the special design!!!! It really make you think of the movie Transformer  the car inside there especially the green color one!!!

This design remind me the Yamaha FZ6 speedometer. Nice I like it!!!

The player really steady one.... Don't play play ah is special make one ah!!! Once you switch on it goes like this!!!

I can't imagine how they can make such a small engine with overhead cam+4 cylinder with 16v!!!

I guess the Chevrolet design the door open in this way is because it has a nice clean door finishing!!! Do you think so too???

My body size fat fat with 96kg, this door also can easily let me in and out!!!