Cheap But Nice And Worth

I'm not kidding here.... $1.50 where can you find a nice and yummy and worth curry chicken rice in town? At first my sister told me I also not believed right after I bought 2 box home and try then I notice my sister didn't tipu me!!!
My lunch box got 2 big 1 small picec of chicken and 1 potato cut into 2, my sister one got 1 drumstick plus 1 small piece of chicken and same also 2 cut potatoes.
I bought it at the Yayasan Hua Ho which put together with the roti and bun. They also got other too like BBQ Chicken rice, Fried Rice etc... But I think this curry rice is the best. When I bought it home and makan the time the food it still a bit warm! My sister said the best time to buy is 11.45am like that.. is hot hot arrive there!!! Bruther... try it I'm sure you like it too!! Only $1.50 saja... cheaper than Nasi Ayam Penyet lah.. can buy 2 again!!