Beachathon 2012

Yahoo......... the Beach Bunch's Beachathon finally kick off on the 13th May 2012 Sunday Mother Day!!! I'm sure you are question "What is Beachathon" right!!! hehehe... people have Marathon, Triathlon, Cycle Run Walkathon etc.... We Beach Bunch have a Beachathon!!!!!
What..... you think I'm kidding is it??? It does really have Beachathon in the oversea bruther!!!
Of coz lah our Beachathon has more fun and enjoy.... There is a lot different form other thon thon thon, Our Beachathon not only you walk or run on the beach and you also see the real beach how does is looks like!!! Everyone have to get wet, dirty and say Wow..... when they see the river mouth near the Tanjung Batu!!! Seriously the place is really awesome especially the river mouth and entering the jungle it look like you are in Australia. 
The Beachathon was held at the Meragang Beach, 124 people came for this event from the schools,  regular volunteers, private company etc etc.....
So how the our Beachathon kaki to be the winner???  We not like those thon thon thon see who is the 1st runner who reach to the finish line. Our Beachathon is see who is the one who found the "Weirdest Trash" on the beach during they came back from the river mouth!!! A 1.5 km beach is full of trash so everyone have to bring back minimum 2 thing back from the beach. One for the "Weirdest Trash" contest. We have 2 prize sponsor by Laneige, one for male, one for female and both prize also worth for $150.00. Male's weirdest trash winner is fall on Bazrul Fadli bin Baharin and female is Alice Chan.

Here I would like to special thanks to Laneige, Concepts Computer  and Rentokil Initial sponsor for this Beachathon!!! Hope to see you guys again next year Beachathon 2013!!!!
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The Weirdest Trashes!!!!

Good lah... mother's day can win prize back home make face nice nice!!!

Vincent Pao given the prize to the male winner!!!

The two Weirdest Trash winner and the Weird Blooger!!!! hahaha

First time we have portable toilet with our event!!!