Another Bully Video

Again and again...... bully video never end. This one are more jialat.... not like last time in the toilet 2 bully one. This time is five hamtam one and the guy wear black and red tshirt look like a Taiko!!! 
I'm not sure where is this and what school they are, by looking this video they are like runding something with the boy and ask who are the other guy bla bla bla bla...
But don't know who's fault or who started it... fighting is wrong already!!! Yet few of them wearing school uniform again... this video spread and sharing many times in the facebook in this 2 days. I'm sure those boy gonna be in deep trouble this time!!!
I'm not going to share this video coz I don't want like last time people came to blame me for this.
So pity for the boy who kana beat!!!!

Fighting already is stupid, taking video post and sharing to the public ani lagi stupid!!! Now the Hero become Zero. When the public watch this is not a kacang putih case anymore!!! 
Eat full full got nothing to do.... hope this students learn their lesson gau-gau this time!!!!
Not sure the newspaper were report about this news or not oh..... if got Jialat loh!!!!!!