Addicted To Sunset

After I created the group "Brunei 1800 Sunset" in the Facebook now me just like Nicolas Cage in one of his movie City of Angels everyday go around looking for a places to have a best shot of the sunset. Of coz in the City of Angels they look at Sunrise me look at Sunset!
In someway I still think that Sunset are more beautiful than Sunrise lah.... first of all I not need wake up early in the morning blur blur one look at the sun! 
Seriously.... we Brunei really have a Amazing+Magnificent+Beautiful+Spectacular+Awesome+Wonderful Sunset here. Everyday we all busy working for the whole day looking for money. Tired and no mood during the same route driving back to home. Look..... once in the while look up our evening's sky you might see something to chill you up or take your breath away.
Sometime the beautiful things just around us but we didn't notice it... Try to slow down a bit your speed and open your heart and look around!!!
For more viewing Brunei's Sunset photos please visit "Brunei 1800 Sunset" Please 

This one I took at in front Sumbangsih Baiduri Bank on 30-04-2012

29-04-2012 sunset at Jame' Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque