1,000,000 Counts

Wow..... me long time no check my blog's statistic and today I also don't know what wind I am came to checking it. I notice that I just need a few more hundreds of your support then my blog can officially become One Million Counts blog in Brunei!!!! Yahoo........ Me so happy my blog can hit One Million Counts.. By looking the tracking chart I think by tomorrow morning or tonight my blog can hit that number!! Awesome!
I know one million count in other country is nothing, bila-bila any website or blog also can hit that number but my Brunei here is consider a big number sudah!!! 
It took me nearly 5 years to come with this 1 million count with my Broken~English blog. If without you people's supporting I don't think I can hit it here.... maybe I have to take another 5 years lagi then can hit it!!! Now I think back the my first post in my blog "How Many Is Consider Many?" which is 27/09/2007, during that time I never think of I can come this far. I still remember the first year my blog one week some time only got 10 to 15 people visiting or read... mostly is my close friends came to read saja. Now five years already again I don't know how far I can go with my blog here... Hope I can write for another 5 years and 5 years again!! Wow... by the time I'm a 40 plus uncle already bruther!!! Don't know that time my English is still same same like now "Limited Edition" one or not oh!!!! LOL
Again thanks you for your support!!!