What If Is Not LEE ???

I just discover one thing, if Bruce Lee last name is not Lee he will not be famous until now! You don't believe??? Bah you see which one is sound good? Bruce Tan, Bruce Wong, Bruce Ang, Bruce Hii, Bruce Chen, Bruce Shim, Bruce Bong, Bruce Pang, Bruce Lai, Bruce Loi, Bruce Tay, Bruce Ko, Bruce Lau, Bruce Ho, Bruce Ting, Bruce Pui........ Do you see that??? Over hundred of chinese's surname none if it are suit Bruce except the Lee. Sound awesome right??? But bad thing is now all the Lee family people in the world don't dare to name their boy as Bruce. Once they grow up and tell people his name... Hi nice to meet you, my name is Bruce Lee....., What??? Bruce Lee??? Yea... I'm your father Luke Skywalker!!!
So once a person famous already and you having a same surname that's mean your family member lost an option to name their next generation....

Konichiwa.... Boku Tigerlim Desu! LOL

Do you know how to read Japanese??? Yes or No also never mind lah just click on the image below saja  lah!!!

My Another Set Goal

I have to lost 10kg in 3 months time do you think I can do it? Seems like a bit tough to me now with my age and my living style. After 2 weeks of work out at Fitness Zone my weights still the same didn't drop even a point kg!!! Today I weight again surprisingly it gain point 4 kg.... how come like that? Maybe is my 2 days ago shit haven't come out kali that's why got additional .4
Now my weight is 95.9 kg same channel with Pilihan FM. If one day I lose weight until 91.4 or 90.7 you know what channel I listening liao lah....hahahah

1,000,000 Counts

Wow..... me long time no check my blog's statistic and today I also don't know what wind I am came to checking it. I notice that I just need a few more hundreds of your support then my blog can officially become One Million Counts blog in Brunei!!!! Yahoo........ Me so happy my blog can hit One Million Counts.. By looking the tracking chart I think by tomorrow morning or tonight my blog can hit that number!! Awesome!
I know one million count in other country is nothing, bila-bila any website or blog also can hit that number but my Brunei here is consider a big number sudah!!! 
It took me nearly 5 years to come with this 1 million count with my Broken~English blog. If without you people's supporting I don't think I can hit it here.... maybe I have to take another 5 years lagi then can hit it!!! Now I think back the my first post in my blog "How Many Is Consider Many?" which is 27/09/2007, during that time I never think of I can come this far. I still remember the first year my blog one week some time only got 10 to 15 people visiting or read... mostly is my close friends came to read saja. Now five years already again I don't know how far I can go with my blog here... Hope I can write for another 5 years and 5 years again!! Wow... by the time I'm a 40 plus uncle already bruther!!! Don't know that time my English is still same same like now "Limited Edition" one or not oh!!!! LOL
Again thanks you for your support!!! 

Cheap But Nice And Worth

I'm not kidding here.... $1.50 where can you find a nice and yummy and worth curry chicken rice in town? At first my sister told me I also not believed right after I bought 2 box home and try then I notice my sister didn't tipu me!!!
My lunch box got 2 big 1 small picec of chicken and 1 potato cut into 2, my sister one got 1 drumstick plus 1 small piece of chicken and same also 2 cut potatoes.
I bought it at the Yayasan Hua Ho which put together with the roti and bun. They also got other too like BBQ Chicken rice, Fried Rice etc... But I think this curry rice is the best. When I bought it home and makan the time the food it still a bit warm! My sister said the best time to buy is 11.45am like that.. is hot hot arrive there!!! Bruther... try it I'm sure you like it too!! Only $1.50 saja... cheaper than Nasi Ayam Penyet lah.. can buy 2 again!!

We Are Circus Acrobatic. LOL

I discover this game is good to building the Trust between me and my daughter relationship. She now trusted me more then before, she trusted me that I can protecting her and not let her fall!

Sui Heng Restaurant

Do you know that Seria town got one restaurant call Soi Heng and Bandar also got one call Sui Heng too and if I'm not wrong in Chinese word they both are same it just the English one is different only
Anyway they both also serve delicious food in Brunei.
Today I want to introduce you guys the Bandar Sui Heng, after so many year open the 1st restaurant at Batu Satu recently they had open another new branch at "Haji Munchit & Hajah Dayang Rapiah  Complex". Yeah I'm sure you say  what??? where is that place??? right!!!
Yalah... I also never heard this complex before and I didn't even know there is a place over there! In fact is very easy to find, You know where is the Times Square right? Just opposite simpang of the Times Square simpang saja.... all the way go inside the simpang and at the end you'll find a new white building! Sui Heng is just in the first 2 or 3 front units... anyway at the moment they are the only one restaurant open there (p/s Sui Heng is a non-halal restaurant) 
Over that area (Airport, Serusop, Kebangsaan, Delima, Berakas etc) so far they are the only non-halah restaurant there. 
  If you know the old Sui Heng at Batu Satu there you know what is their good food there. I love to tapau their economic rice (pick any 3 dishes with one rice) I sure choose their curry chicken one. 
But this Sui Heng new branch one thing I want to highlight is their chef, he last time work with Mei Fang (tungku link) for over 10 years and now came to work with them. I really love their Pai Ku Wong and now I can have it here!!! Overall I kinda like their foods really not bad you can have a try!
For more info here are their contact number 2338321 

I think I need more come out jalan jalan to see our town. I really don't even know there is a new place behind the Times Square!!!

Sui Heng's lunch time always full house!!!

2 Thumbs up for this Pak Ku Wang

 Curry Fish!!! Nice.

Their Fried Lo Pak also yummy! 

 They serve Kuching Laksa too... But of coz cannot compare with real Kuching Laksa from real Kuching lah!!! I think my wife she like it coz not too spicy!!!

I Learn How To Clean Aircon

Last 2 months I learn how to do car polishing and it took me 3 cars with 28 hours work to understand how to make a perfect crystal shinning kilat. And today I try to learn how to clean my room split unit aircon!!!
The reason why I want to clean it is because last few days out Brunei weather are so hot.... hot sampai night time also can feel that is still warm! Today I cannot tahan already coz my ac don't know why the wind not strong as before, then I open and see inside and take a look baru I notice the kipas was dirty worse than my house longkang!!! Really look disgusting inside there!!!
So I slowing discover how to open the whole unit. Then I notice that it wasn't that hard and complicate....
Take out the filter, open 3 screw at bottom, take out the cover, take out the swing motor, slowly take out the water tray and that it... done!!!
Wash all the cover, tray, filter and dry it!! The only thing I can't open is the kipas!!! So I just use vacuum to clean it saja and now my 2 split unit aircon no licking, wind strong strong and super cold plus silence!

Hehehe... now I know how to do it sudah.... of coz if no gas or general rosak that one I don't know how lah!!! After I saw inside the kipas now I think I have to check it every 2 or 3 months sudah!! 
Don't know how many dust my baby they both suck into they lungs already!! mmmm must clean clean all the time don't just look outside is clean then thinking inside also too!!!

Look at it!!! So disgusting right!!! It block the wind flow out and that's why the wind not strong lah!!!  Maybe your home one also like that too!!!

How I Feel Today?

I didn't know this video again making a hot tropic in town. I'm not going to reply any comment which you gave here but I just want to say we all have 2 hands no harm to give one for helping people and left one for yourself. Better than put the 2 hands in the pockets and watch the show! I hope everyone can learn the lesson after watching the video. Not all the people can be that lucky received people's help but if you can help please don't hesitate to give a hand! Last but not least I wish you guys have a nice day please keep our country and beaches clean thank you!!! From TIGER LIM

Don't forget drink a lot of water coz this few days really hot and I think I'm going to sick again soon!!!

What?????? You Still Have It???

Omg...... Can't believe that my friend still have this t-shirt yet still can wear and the color 80% like new! If you are underage or 15 years old I don't think you know what I'm talking about here!!! Look my friend's t-shirt that he wearing.... Is Superfly's t-shirt!!! This shirt minimum got 15 years already bruther.... Don't play play ah!!! How many of you people closet still have a shirt 15 years ago one, still wearing and no koyak???

FYI Superfly is a video game arcade during the mid 90's. I still remember everyday after lunch I always play the fishing game there with my friends it just next to the Bobby Electric at Gadong!
Of coz Superfly is not the only place we play video arcade lah.... During that time got HBI, Jerudong Park, Center Point and Yaohan top floor also have!!! Now I think back we one day minimum have to spend $10.00 to play the gama especially the Rally game. But after Jerudong Park also have there we every night go there and play. finish already and go back to q again.... repeat and repeat until the park close. LOL

I kinda salute my friend how can he keep the shirt for that long!!! I counted this shirt got 18 years already!! my god can keep in the museum sudah lah!!!   

Alright Enough ~ No More Chasing Video Any More And Back To Your WORK NOW!!!! Hahahaha

This happen after me and my friends we finish the beach clean up and enjoy the magnificence sunset at Tungku Beach. On our way back to the main road suddenly a woman run and cry toward to my friend's car and ask for help! At first I thought she saw a ghost unfortunately she was almost been rape by a man in his van!!! I went to chase the man and just to make sure his car registration number. Then after that we all sending that woman to Sengkurong Police station to make a report!!!
Dude.... I understand that I shouldn't let the fcuker run away but I believe there is a JUSTICE stand on that woman side! 
This time that man pick a wrong place to project sudah lah!!!! 
And lucky the lady can run away and ngam-ngam we passing by.... if not kana tangkap balik in the car.... mmmm die lah!!!! This is what we call "Cry No Tears"

To all the women.... Please don't simply trust or listen a stranger's sweet talk Ok!!! You have to know how to protect yourself too!!! 
And people.... sometime don't just stand there see see look look.... if you see some thing wrong or not right... maybe you are right on time to save a life!!!

GHK Launch All New Chevrolet Spark

See... I told you is nice right... Not only the car nice and also the price also nice too!!! Only $13k plus to $15k plus!!!! It come with eight different colors, I myself beside the green color I think I like the coconut Champaign Metallic. 
One thing I really like about this car is the engine, 1.0cc 4 cyclinder in-line DOHC 16 valve with timing chain and is a save fuel engine car some more!!! 100km/4.8 litres which mean that Brunei to KB eat one kolomee and come back to Bandar only spend less than 8 dollars saja included the kolomee!!! Awesome right!!!
Too bad I already got a 7 seater car last year if not I think I'll get one too!!! Use for shopping or every beach clean up also not bad!!!

Chevrolet Spark Finally Touch Down At Brunei

Yes..... It just arrived few days ago and is really nice especially with the Green Cocktail Metallic color and the car lampong. I love the car lampong design it looks really cool, almost the same length with the car bonnet!!!
Me and some media are so lucky can see the car early of coz just sit sit and look look the car saja... no chance to test drive it!!!  
 There is also some other thing of the way they design the car really impress me not just only the lampong.
First is the engine, 1.0cc with dual overhead cam+4 cylinder+16v and is timing chain some more and is really save fuel some more!!!
If you are a youngster looking for a new car I really suggest you choose this one... cheap, compact, easy looking for parking, and also cool looking with the car!!! unless you are a anak orang kaya lah father buy you sport car or luxury car then of coz this is not your choice!!!

If you want to see this car real real one please come to Chevrolet's showroom at Sumbangsih or Kuala Belait showroom on 18th May 9:30am. It has a Special Preview there.... What I mean special preview is really special with those car!!!! It is not what you see as the photo I post it here... Yesterday I curi curi ga and see how it look already and is really really awesome with the special design!!!! It really make you think of the movie Transformer  the car inside there especially the green color one!!!

This design remind me the Yamaha FZ6 speedometer. Nice I like it!!!

The player really steady one.... Don't play play ah is special make one ah!!! Once you switch on it goes like this!!!

I can't imagine how they can make such a small engine with overhead cam+4 cylinder with 16v!!!

I guess the Chevrolet design the door open in this way is because it has a nice clean door finishing!!! Do you think so too???

My body size fat fat with 96kg, this door also can easily let me in and out!!!


The Team from SHHCo.                  

Sin Hup Huat Co. recently took part in a ‘Drive Safety’ campaign at Roxana Filling Station in Seria, organized by BSM.
Tyre safety was the main aim for SHHCo. Participation and in this respect, qualified technicians from SHHCo was stationed at the pumps giving physical checks on vehicles’ tyres and advising drivers’ on their tyres conditions.
Leaflets emphasising the ‘8-Golden Rules’ of tyres safety plus tyres physical checks reports were handed to drivers, which was very well received and favourable comments recorded.

Tyre Overall Condition Check                  

Do you notice that this photo like got some thing wrong with the wheel. It looks like a illusion photo here... The car itself rise up his front wheel for the man to check up his tyre!!!  

Tyre Depth Check

I Know This Day Will Come!!!

See... I knew it!!! 3 years ago I already predicted this day will come and which I am Right!!!!
I can't Run, I can't Hide and I can't say No. So now you understand nowadays father are not easy to be. Last time women always say how bad how hard they are to be a wife and mother!!! Look at us man now..... do you think you women got as kasian as like us now??? I don't know which day which year I have Play wear makeup, wear dress, bra and high heel with my TWO daughters.... T.T 

Beachathon 2012

Yahoo......... the Beach Bunch's Beachathon finally kick off on the 13th May 2012 Sunday Mother Day!!! I'm sure you are question "What is Beachathon" right!!! hehehe... people have Marathon, Triathlon, Cycle Run Walkathon etc.... We Beach Bunch have a Beachathon!!!!!
What..... you think I'm kidding is it??? It does really have Beachathon in the oversea bruther!!!
Of coz lah our Beachathon has more fun and enjoy.... There is a lot different form other thon thon thon, Our Beachathon not only you walk or run on the beach and you also see the real beach how does is looks like!!! Everyone have to get wet, dirty and say Wow..... when they see the river mouth near the Tanjung Batu!!! Seriously the place is really awesome especially the river mouth and entering the jungle it look like you are in Australia. 
The Beachathon was held at the Meragang Beach, 124 people came for this event from the schools,  regular volunteers, private company etc etc.....
So how the our Beachathon kaki to be the winner???  We not like those thon thon thon see who is the 1st runner who reach to the finish line. Our Beachathon is see who is the one who found the "Weirdest Trash" on the beach during they came back from the river mouth!!! A 1.5 km beach is full of trash so everyone have to bring back minimum 2 thing back from the beach. One for the "Weirdest Trash" contest. We have 2 prize sponsor by Laneige, one for male, one for female and both prize also worth for $150.00. Male's weirdest trash winner is fall on Bazrul Fadli bin Baharin and female is Alice Chan.

Here I would like to special thanks to Laneige, Concepts Computer  and Rentokil Initial sponsor for this Beachathon!!! Hope to see you guys again next year Beachathon 2013!!!!
P/s more picture to see see look look at my fans page. Click Here.

The Weirdest Trashes!!!!

Good lah... mother's day can win prize back home make face nice nice!!!

Vincent Pao given the prize to the male winner!!!

The two Weirdest Trash winner and the Weird Blooger!!!! hahaha

First time we have portable toilet with our event!!!