Zainal Abidin And TIGER.LIM

It is my greatest honor to met him, one of my favorite legendary Malaysia singer Zainal Abidin. Not only that I have a chance to meet him, Drink coffee, Eat dinner, Got his latest single "Kamu" cd signed with my name...... The best part is making video with my broken~english style!!! Awesome plus Handsome lah!!!! heheheh

He came to Brunei and met the Beach Bunch. We had dinner at the Times Square All Season chit chit chat chat about 2 hours. He told us how he like and do things about the Green and Environmental. He also gave us some ideals how and what can we do for the next event in future and how to do Upright vegi plantation. We all really have a great time makan with him. FYI Zainal he is a green man... He always love to support for the green activities, In Malaysia he done a lot of good green stuffs for the communities there and this time he also hope that he can do something good for us Brunei people!!! Guess what...... He maybe...possibility... could be.... should be.... coming to Brunei again just for joining us Beach Bunch this coming Sunday as a volunteer for the Earth Day Clean Up at Jerudong Beach!!! I really hoping this will be happen. Please please please God make it happen!!!
So Bruther if you missed the chance to met him this afternoon at The Mall's coffee bean due to your working hours.... Cross your fingers for him to come for our Beach Bunch's clean up at Jerudong this week so you can meet him lah!!!

Special thanks for the S-Team Solutions Event Management for bringing him to meeting us!!!

Are we both look like long lost brother???? yeah...hehehe

It is a really nice song.... Strongly recommended you guys buy one(original) listen!!!! 

This two girl didn't bring camera so I help them for this picture!!!