Why Don't Have "No Drive With Phone" Day????

True or not???? Why don't have that campaign like the "Earth Hour" I guess that still people need to talk or text while driving!!!
Ya lah.... of coz this shouldn't be just one day, it should be everyday one!!! Do you know that everyday now many people accidents on the road not like last time because of Drunk, Tired, Sleepy, Over take car on the corner, Dog cross the road, Drive too fast or spill their coffee while driving? Most of them is Talking or texting during driving!!!
Of coz they won't tell the police in the statement like that one. 
Have you heard about "No Phone Zone"???? This is started by Oprah Winfrey year 2010 about how to teach people not to talk or text on their phone while driving!!!
Too bad this angin haven't blow until here lagi but I'm sure one day it will come lah.

I had came out a little idea here if you want to support this kind of awareness. Stick you unwanted cell phone on your car roof top to show that you are not a "Talk/Text Driver"
I did that to my car last week ago, I use my old Nokia phone and use some double side tape to stick on my car roof. Many people look at my car and pay attention but of coz also got many good heart people signal me they thought I left my phone on the top!!!
The next day I take off the phone away... it tell me this is not working at the moment.... Better just use the "No Phone Zone" sticker lah!!!
I think I wanna make some of this sticker and giving to my friends to stick on their car!!!