What More Bad Do I Have Lagi???

Look like last week wasn't my good week. First my white Macbook rosak, second my daughter fall off from the seat and today I notice that my car bonnet one small area paint gone. I think that is during Sunday when I drive my car to Seria yang kana one. I remember I hear a loud sound "Piak" when I almost kan sampai Seria there at the highway, the front car tyre fly out a small batu kali. At first I though just kana the bumper mana tau is kana the bonnet.
I just found it out when I want to wash my car, So upset to see it like that, Every week wash and waxing and now like that see also not siok already!!! I went to the car agent see got sell the touch up paint or not but too bad they don't have. But lucky their service is awesome good they help me touch up using a black paint to cover it up. Although it wasn't perfect like new anymore but better than I see a white dot on the hood lah right!!!!

Thank you uncle!!!!

Don't play play can you do that?? Use newspaper to touch up one Steady kan!!!!