Visiting Tenaga Suria Brunei

I never think that I have a chances that can step inside here and have a look the solar power panel and their control room. Thanks to the Beach Bunch organize this trip to visiting Tenaga Suria Brunei last week, if not I think I eat until old also never can see see look look inside there.
Too bad inside cannot take pictures we only can take it from outside. It is really cool and awesome with the the solar panel feel like I'm in the Area 51 there when we walking under the panel...hehehe. 
Really sayang lah cannot take photo inside there if not I'm going to make a video in there and post!
Not much Bandar people know that we have this Solar power here in Brunei. I also don't know one until they say want make a visiting here. If you want to know more about this place you can visit they website by clicking Here!!!!