This is what you call "You Clean I Throw, You Not Clean I Also Throw!!!. Not Matter What I Still Throw, If I Don't Here Where Do I Throw? No Way I Throw In Front My Door So Better I Throw In Front Your Door!!!"

This is located at the Gadong Manglait near the Warisan Complex there. I saw this last two week already and yesterday I pass my there and is getting worst!!! I not sure this area is it a dumping or not but anyway this is not the right way to do so!!!
This area from the Warisan Complex until the Mum Bakery all the building surrounding cleanness and hygiene really bad!!! Every parking area surely can see plastic bottles and papers! Especially the Sing Yu Mei that block wah friend so Jialat one.. Longkang blocked and rubbish every way!!! Among the gadong area where are the worst one!! I have a friend own a salon at that area and every time peoples who stay at that area always went to his back door of the shop and throw rubbish there, less than a week a little hill of rubbish already create. This thing make him cannot tahan and he decide to move his business to other place!!!
 Who is responsible behind of this??? If is in other country the building owner already kana saman thousands times sudan!!! Jialat lah.... what is wrong with this people!!!! If I can give saman I think one day I can earn thousand dollars there...Awesome!!!