Serial Or Series?????

Teachers....... where are you???? I need back to school!!!!
My life getting hard time to understand english again... Looks like my time studies English in the school now like no pakai one!!! First is Kindergarten and Kindergarden, second is Wonder and Wander now is the Serial and Series!!!!
Last night me and my family watching the Astro channel there is a program about Singapore's Tv award live!!! When the time announces the Best Drama Series surprisingly I see the back led screen showing as Best Drama Serial. 
Serial???? not Series kah??? All this time I watch the Korea, Japan, Hongkong Series is not series... now is called Serial????
I not school high high... so don't blame me Ok!!! I just want to learn saja!!!
What to do.... during school time teacher ask me to study I go play Guli...  now old already guli all gone and have to back to school lo!!!