Roti Kahwin Kacang

Recently I saw many people post this RKK in the Facebook sharing with friends and said very good lah.... very nice lah like that!!! This bun only have in Chop Jing Chew. I sure everyone are familiar with is kopitiam right!!! Everyone got there sure order their Roti Kuning one... but few weeks ago they have this new bun call Roti Kahwin Kacang and every Hu Hu Ha Ha it in fb. Then today finally I purposely went there and try it out. 
2pm I already there coz I takut out of stock so I go there early! As usual I got me favorite tea tarik and this bun!!!
Now let make it short with the review lah ok...... No doubt it is Super YUMMY as what people said in the FB. When my first bite is just like when your first time you have you ICE-CREAM!!!!!
At first you curious about it and just a second you telling yourself you LOVE it!!!!!
I'm not kidding Bruther..... once you try it you know what I mean!!!! It just a simple peanut bun cut into half and put a piece of butter and spread with Kaya!!!! This 3 thing together is a PERFECT COMBINATION. I open it into half and eat the one side peanuts., it wasn't KICK at all.. and the same thing to the other side kaya and butter. But once again mix with this 3 things together just like the your FIRST LOVE it coming back again!!!
I ate 2 buns and tapao 5 buns home. Say true true one lah.... tapao wasn't that good at all as what you have there in their shop. Must eat fresh fresh one coz once you tapao the butter melt and the feeling of the bun is gone!!!
Is been a long time I didn't eat such a awesome foods sudah!!! Thanks to the person who come out this bun and this is really nice and awesome!!!! Guys... you must try it one time in your life man!!!! After you makan I'm sure you not going to order their Roti Kuning anymore!!!! I strongly recommended this bun to you all... If I'm a oversea food's magazine journalist, I 100% write about this bun and mark it as "Asian Top Ten Best Bun" one!!!! Don't play play is really nice lah!!!