Rieko Ayumi Visit Brunei

You don't know her right!!!! Ya same same me too... I also don't know her. Rieko Ayumi just came to visit Brunei few days ago and last night I had dinner together with her new friends from Brunei. 
At first is like that one..... Me and wife makan at Sweet Lemongrass new branch at Delima there, then suddenly my buddy came in to the restaurant and bring her makan there too. So alang-alang I just offer them eat together with my wife lah. Then my friend introduce her to me I baru tau she is not an ordinary normal japan girl who visiting here.  
Rieko Ayumi has almost travel the half of the planet earth already... she had travel 87 countries from the day 1 she started her backpacker journey until now. She not only like to travel.... she also a travel writer, reporter and actress too. 
You can try to visit her Rieko Ayumi official website if you know how to read japanese lah hehehe, If you don't know how to read then click HERE to visit the translate site. 
Don't play play ah.... Her site minimum can have 10 thousands visiting per DAY!!! 
My god.... it my also can have like that...mmmmmm kaya sudah I!!!!

Nice to meet you Rieko and welcome to Brunei!!!

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