PSW New Dishes

I'm sure everyone of you if got read my blog one sure know about this restaurant Pondok Sari Wangi right!
So not need I introduce again this restaurant also know where is located any how nice with their Nasi Ayam Penyet and other dishes kan!!!! Every time if I dinning there I'm sure order their cendol and ayam penyet one...hehehe 
Again last night I was invited with some social media friends to try out PSW few new dishes. One word I can describe "Nice"
The PSW's manager told us that their have been hold back this few dishes didn't release for many months already due to their haven't find the best taste. For months and months searching the best ingredients and supplier(chicken, udang gala,wagyu beef) to cook this dishes. Now is time for launch their new secret weapon to all of you! If you like PSW's foods I'm sure you people gonna like it as well!!!
Let's try it out with your gangs and family Bruther!!!! 

Ayam Rendang

Wagyu Beef Sate Maranggi

Wagyu Beef Empal

Sotong Bakar Sari Wangi

Ikan Ayam Ayam Bakar Sunda

Ikan Ayam Ayam Bakar Sari Wangi

Black Pepper Crab

 Udang Gala Bakar Sari Wangi

Fried Crab In Padang Sauce

This Pao is together with the Padang Sauce Crab

Gulai Sayur