The New Lexus GS

First of all.... this car is nice and hot and in some way I feel it looks like the Predator face(click here).
Secondly..... again this model I can't effort to buy. The last model one already siok siok and this one lagi nyaman!!! It comes with 3 models GS 250, 350 and 350 sport. 3 of them almost all the same with the design only the sport grill and spoiler different saja. But say true true one lah... I still think the the 250 and 350 grill and spoiler are look more better than the S one! Of coz the S some more powerful lah!
I thought this time they have hybrid with the GS mmm..... maybe I'm wrong and they still and this model to be powerful. Can't wait to have a test drive with it!!! 

Only the sport got this badge.

People mountain people sea!!!!

Team Work!!!

This is nice small little keychain with led light.