New Lemongrass Restaurant Delima Branch

I'm sure everyone of you familiar with the Lemongrass Thai Food Restaurant at kiulap one right!!! Now they have another new branch just open last month at the Delima there. Is not that hard to find one... It located same simpang with the Fitness Zone in front the DST outlet at the second floor one... aiya sure easy find one lah if cannot find call me I show you where and you belanja me makan there!!!!

First thing I love about the restaurant is the view when you sit next to the window especially the first seat! You have a nice panorama view of the complex and also the seat it awesome can easily fit 4 person in a row. In a table can sit 8 people easily no problem.

Lets talk about the foods , there is 2 dishes I like to highlight here... First is their new dish call "Stir Fried Lamd with Black sauce Serai" It is nice and I haven't try this any restaurant here in Brunei.
Next is the "Thai Spaghetti" 
yes I no salah.... is thai style spaghetti taste just a bit spicy, is nice but I don't think kids gonna like it lah!!! But I kinda like it coz is new and I never try this even in Italian cuisine.

Last..... is this if you dare to try. I suggest you must have a strong digestion if not better just see your friends makan saja. I like very much and I remember the first time I had this is in Bangoko. The also have it for crab too but here only have Prawn. This is raw prawn just like to have Sashimi!!! If you are new for this and want to try it "Fresh Raw Prawn Salad" make sure you just order a small one first, if you don't like it ask them to steam it cook!!! hehehe

Then the rest of the foot I order one I'm sure some of you people are already try it too but anyway I just share the pictures here and not much mention about the reviews lah but one thing do try out their 3 drinks... Thai Ice Coffee, Thai Ice Milk Tea and the last Guava Soursop... nice!

Tom Yum Clear.

Chicken Ball Tanghoon

Deep Fried Century Egg

The famous lemongrass's Tom Yam Soup.