Nasi Ayam Campur™

Have you ever order this way the steam chicken and roasted chicken together? So how to you call or name it? Half steam half roasted like that right? Don't you think is a bit inconvenient, not proper and un cool name??? Few days ago I went to one of the restaurant at Jerudong there and makan with my gang. 
The waitress asking me what I want to eat and I saw their roasted and steam chicken macam not bad and I want eat both. My mouth automatic said "Nasi Ayam Campur" and the waitress gave me a blur blur look don't know what I said. She thought that I want "Nasi Campur" and I insist told her I want "Nasi Ayam Campur".
Guess what.... only the chopping chicken staff understand my words...
So now you know what is "Nasi Ayam Campur" already kan??? Is steam and roasted chicken mix together. Ladies and gentleman today I official launch this word "Nasi Ayam Campur™" so next time don't forget to use this name Ok!!!!