My New Lesson..... Fencing

Hey Bruther.... Check this out Athos Fencing now available for free trail on this coming 19th April from 5pm to 7pm at the JPMC fitness centre. All equipment will be provided and during the trail you will find out more about the saber fencing, training and get to meet the coaches. Kindly mote that there is limited vacancy for each session. Please contact the front desk(2611433 Ext 2238) to book your slot. 

Athos, name of the 'most senior' member in the classic novel 'the three musketeers', thus an ideal name for the first private fencing club in Brunei. Founded by fencing enthusiasts, Athos Fencing aims to bring the sport of fencing to the public, therefore the slogan 'simple swashbuckling fun'.

They are here to change people's misconception about the sport of fencing (often referred to as dangerous, expensive and only for the elite), truth is, fencing is a great social game for everyone (it is also one of the oldest olympic games event. Fencing gears are much cheaper than before and of higher quality (mostly with CE certification), often a one-timed investment in fencing equipment would last you at least 2 to 3 years.

Currently they have two volunteer coaches, Huzaimi Kassim (Current Brunei National Team) and David Chen (Ex Singapore National Team) coaching in ISB and JPMC. They hope to start with other schools and perhaps start wheel chair fencing with a few individuals in Brunei. Tentatively, They are looking to open their own venue in June 2012.

At the moment, Athos concentrate on 'SABRE', one of the three weapons competed in fencing, if anyone is keen or would like to arrange for demo for groups/corporates, kindly send email to or contact David at 7143364. Also 'like' and  look out for our FB site for more updates as well.

Recently I went to tried it out and I brought two of my friends there too. And it is fun.... At first I though that fencing can just fight as what I want to be... mana tau this sport is not easy as what I think. There have their standard moves, steps, rules, tricks ways and etc. See on the TV or movie it macam senang jua. Lupanya is not that way... but it is fun yo. We still have another session to go again and that is the time we can poke poke and slash each other liao..hehehe
Actually we have a mission and my team have to challenge with another team after the training... Soon you will know is who that team!!!
I have feeling that I'm going to lose the game coz is hard for me to see without my spectacle inside the mask. I try without it but hardly see the other components's actually distances. If wearing it, less than one minutes my spectacle turn blur blur liao and can't wear contact lens coz my eyes get itchy easily. So now I only harap nasip fall on my that day!!! 
This is really good sport... I think is good for some parents to bring their kids and learn Fencing. Not just every time go learn Piano, Swimming, Ballerina or Karate.... Now we have new stuff here in Brunei let's bring your kids go try it out!!!!

Am I look good like this???? Handsome right!!!!

Luke Skywalker.... I'm your father!!! Come to the Dark Side here!!!!

Look...... My sexy legs!!!!